Band Challenge Application Terms & Conditions

Winners & Runner-Up Prizes

The winner will be selected to perform on the Girrakool Stage on Saturday 7 March 2020.

The Runners up will be selected to perform on the Girrakool Stage on Sunday 8 March 2020.

If selected, the entrant must be available to perform at these times, otherwise they forfeit their prize.

All Winners and Runner up’s will be given Season Tickets to Girrakool Blues Festival and BBQ 2019. And direct family members will be allowed to purchase tickets at a discounted rate, which includes camping.

Any Prize winners under the age of 18 will be allowed a responsible family member per entrant or band over the age of 18 free entry to act as the minors guardian.



Semi-finalists will be selected to play on the Saturday 22June 2019 at Copacabana Surf Life Saving Club during the 5 Lands Walk celebrations starting from 11am.

Each entrant/band will be asked to play 3 songs, in which at least 2 songs are original, in front of a panel of judges, as part of their next stage in the competition.

If selected, each band member of each entrant/band must be available to play and registered by 10am on Saturday 22nd, otherwise they forfeit their application.

All Semi Finalists and their direct family members will be able to purchase discounted tickets.


How to enter

All applicants will need to apply online at

A $15 non-refundable entry fee will apply per entry or band.

Each entry or band will need to send a website link (YouTube or other shared video link) of which must be:

  1. A “live” video of the band;
  2. Made within the last 12 months;
  3. Be of original content;
  4. And consist of the exact number of band members that will be performing on the day.

Each entry must be available to play at Girrakool Blues Festival between 6-8 March 2020, and at Copacabana SLSC on 22 June 2019.


Who can enter? 

Anyone can enter, from any genre of music, as long as it is original and it’s real people playing real music.

This is not a talent quest – no backing tracks allowed.


 What is the process?

Applicants will apply by the 26 May 2019.

Semi-finalists will be chosen by a Judging Panel and will be notified by 3 June 2019.

Semi-finalists will compete on the Copacabana SLSC stage on the Saturday 22 June 2019 in front of a panel of judges to be selected as Winners and Runner-ups.

Winners & Runner-ups will be announced at the end of the day of the Semi-finals on 22 June.


What else will you need?

Semi-finalists will need their own equipment. A PA, mics and sound engineer will be provided.

The winners will also need their own equipment – A PA, mics, drum kit, and sound engineer will be provided.



The winners of the competition must be reasonably available for any publicity.

Entrants also accepts any photographs of them taken during their Semi-finals and Performances and any personal details provided to the Festival may be used for any promotional, marketing and publicity purposes of the Festival, in any media without notice and without any fee being paid to them, and relinquishes all moral rights to the same.



All entrants must acknowledge they are bound by the copyright laws of Australia and will not perform any copyrighted materials of others without full compliance with such applicable copyright laws.



5 Lands Walk and Girrakool Blues Festival & BBQ have Public Liability. However any and all liability for damage, loss or injury, by any artist or band or entrant will be waived if the activities is caused by your willful, reckless or negligent acts or omissions either before, during or after your performances.

All of the above must be accepted by the entrant/band.