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Buddy Knox Blues Band

Buddy Knox ‘Australia’s answer to BB King!’

Buddy’s fervour for blues has been simmering for years, and finally in 2006, The Buddy Knox Blues Band was born.

“I haven’t got the blues…..the blues have got me!”

• Winner of the Sydney Blues society ‘Blues Challenge 2011’and excited to be goin’ to Memphis in 2012!

• Winner of Australia’s most prestigious ‘Chain’ Awards music’s ‘Best New Blues Talent for 2009’

• Buddy’s Debut Album ‘got da blues’ Won the ‘Newcastle’s 2008 Blues Awards ‘Album of the Year’.

• Finalist for the ‘Deadly Awards’ Male Artist and Album of the Year 2011

• Finalist ‘APRA Development Awards 2011’ for songwriters ‘Buddy’s Got The Blues Again’

• Buddy’s second Album ‘Buddy’s Blues’ song ‘Squeaky Chair Blues’ music /lyrics make the top Ten Musicoz Awards 2010

Buddy is a funky blues man, and he does more than just play music… he thrills his crowd with great blues guitar on his 335 Gibson and with some stage theatrics tossed in, he does indeed ‘smoke ya boots’. Buddy and his band play authentic blues, with a dash of didgeridoo!! Unique and funky!!

Buddy’s blues influences include all the Kings: Freddie, Albert and BB, Robert Delbert McClinton, with vast blues knowledge of the old blues men and a great respect tor their work. Buddy and his band have a unique stage presentation, they like to ‘go hard’ and give audiences their best.

Buddy says he “feels like a man ’bout to light a smoke at a petrol pump’….”