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Camping will be available each night of the event and is free with your corresponding festival ticket. Yay – please see below for all the ins and outs.

When can I camp?

Camping is free with your corresponding festival ticket.

For example Friday Only Ticket Holders can camp on Friday Night, Saturday & Sunday Ticket holders can camp on Saturday & Sunday Night and Season Ticket holders can camp all nights.

*However – Sunday Only Tickets will not be able to camp*

You must indicate if you wish to camp when purchasing your tickets, otherwise we cannot guarantee a site. We ask this so we can make sure that no one misses out and so we are aware of how much space may be needed.

If you do not indicate that you wish to camp, but change your mind just send us an email to let us know. Conversely, if you have decided you no long wish to camp also let us know so we can make sure no one misses out.

How do I purchase Camping Tickets?

You can purchase your camping tickets when you purchase your festival tickets.

If you have already purchased festival tickets follow the steps below:

1. Go to the Buy Tickets page of the website,
2. Click Get Tickets
3. Choose the days you have already bought tickets, do not add any tickets….
4. Click Book Now,
5. Add the amount of camping ticket you would like , and click Book Now

When do I have to leave?

Campers will need to vacate by 10am the following morning of their corresponding festival ticket.

For Example, If you have purchased Friday Night Tickets, and the corresponding camping ticket, you will need to leave by 10am Saturday.

What are the camping gate opening and closing times?

Camping Gates will be open:
4pm Friday
8am Sat & Sun

Camping gates will close 12midnight each night.

Can I camp next to my car?

We do not tolerate camping next to your car. Anyone camping next to their car will be asked to leave, even if you are sleeping. We cannot look after you outside of the camping area.

At the time of this posting, you can take your car into the camping area, however if you need to move your car outside of the gate opening times, it’s best to park your car in the car park, so you can access it.

Cars in the camping area may change in future, depending on now many people are camping.

Minors in the camping area

Any minors under 18 year will not be able to camp without an adult.

Minors will not be able to enter and exit the camping area and the Festival Site without an adult.

Can I bring a caravan?

We welcome tents or caravans. The sites are flat and can drive in easily. Sites will have no electricity!!

Is there Electricity

Sites will have no electricity!!

What are facilities?

There is a block of men and female toilets, & 2 showers.

How far is the camping area?

The camping area is a flat, 5 min walk from the event site.