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Gail Page

Recently a Finalist on THE VOICE Australia. TeamRicky! Blues & Soul Musician Gail Page, “Simply has one of the biggest voices in the business. Her earth shattering vocals and bubbly personality draws immediate attention. When performing live Gail leaves the audience with the feeling they have witnessed something magical and special.”

Be prepared to be moved. Gail doesn’t just sing, she tells a story. And the stories are from the heart. They convey the emotions of a life’s journey, messages of hope and strength and the uncanny ability to touch something inside every person that hears them. We’re not saying you’ll be spilling tears all night, but certainly expect at least a goosebump or two. We haven’t yet met a person who hasn’t been affected by her music. It isn’t just the clarity and power of her voice, nor simply the genuine emotion behind the songs. As we stated earlier, we dare not put her into an existing category. One of a kind, unique, powerful, touching.