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Ghost Road

Pumping out their own style of roots music, Ghost Road, have been on the road for many years entertaining & wowing audiences with their distinctive original milky sound. You will go a long way to find 4 musicians who blend their talents, and play as a band like they do. Ghost Road are a solid tight outfit that are constantly pushing the limits of their music, creating the vibe up and down the east coast of Australia.

Steve and Beau, brothers and singers/songwriters/guitarists of the band,, have been performing and writing original music together for 20 years, with the band and also as a duo. This is an all-original blues/rock/roots outfit., with a plethora of self penned songs, with all the grooves and moves, capturing audiences of all ages. Ghost road certainly will not be disappearing any time soon.

Steve Bennett, his unique singing voice, complementing the overall sound of the group. His creative songwriting skills generate innovative lyrics, and his guitar playing creates the moods and grooves that have entertained their audiences for years.
Beau Bennett, a talented guitarist, sings, plays slide and lead solo’s, with a passion and feel.. Having been on the road since he was 15 years old,, Beau has grown and matured into one of Australia’s finest guitarists.

Brody Yonon, (Drummer ) who has been with the band for over 10 years, provides the rhythmic backbone to the unique sound of Ghost Road . Holding down the beat and grooves. Brody’s enthusiastic drumming and songwriting makes him an important part of the band.

Ben Hardman (Bass), has been playing with Ghost Road for ten years, Ben will not fail to get you , moving, keeping it tight and smoothe.. His musicianship, iimpressing audiences and critics. alike.
Ghost Road 3 CD’s are available. Their debut album “Private Eyes” second album “Fake Disguise” and their newly released third album “Ghost Road Live” recorded at the Basement Sydney, Australia.