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Jessica Belle

Growing up on the Central Coast, Jessica Belle came from a musical family. But it wasn’t until Jess reached the age of 18 that she decided to take the song writing path.

With influences such as Lucinda Williams, Jason Isbell, Bill Chambers & Kasey Chambers, 12 years down the line and Jess hasn’t looked back.
’Song writing for me is telling a story and hopefully, telling it well. Majority of the artist’s I listen to and love today are songwriters. I think nothing grabs you more in a song than the truth.’
2016 will see singer/songwriter Jessica Belle release her much anticipated 3rd album produced by Bill Chambers.

A common thread that appears in her first album ‘Just Walk Away’ and her second album ‘Free All Year’, will be relevant in this coming album. 
With a piece of her heart attached to every lyric, ‘10,000 Tales’ sees a much stronger and mature Jessica Belle emerge from the shadows from where these songs were written.