Kevin Borich Express

Kevin Borich –

Hi – For over 51 years I’ve ridden the musical wave, recording at 12yrs old in New Zealand, progressing through the La-De-Da’s with hit records, living & loving the professional musician’s life here in Australia, thanks to those who enjoy the fruits of my mission.

Much to my surprise, on October 24th 2017, I turned 70yrs old – => What the!!? – the new 60? – Nah! That sounds desperate!! – But thanks to the Cosmos, the kid inside is still alive & I’m still producing my original “FunkinRockinBlues” CD’s, DVD’s and playing live shows of all descriptions, this “Girrakool Blues Festival” being in the top shelf along with others I’ve had the honour to play.

If I told you all the highlights I’ve had re: Shows, the famous people I’ve performed with, it would take too long, if you are interested checkout that will give you a hearty slice of name dropping, plus you can subscribe to my news letters for news & future enjoyment via live performances.

So welcome to this amazing line up of Talent, and I hope you enjoy my contribution along with band members – Jon Carson Drums & Chris Gilbert Bass.

All the best – Cheers n Love Kevin

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Kevin’s a bit lazy so >

He played The Historical SUNBURY Festivals.

Has actually played on stage with the likes of Carlos Santana, [at the Rock Arena Shows to 60,000 people, & at Sydney’s Entertainment Centre with Buddy Miles on Vocals]- – Joe Walsh [The Eagles],- Ritchie Blackmore [Deep Purple], Taj Mahal, Living Colour, – Legends Bo Diddley & John Mayall. Also Jamming with Ronny Wood [The Rolling Stones in Ronnie’s basement NY]

Was foundation member of The Party Boys, the name he thought of.

Has played support shows for Fleetwood Mac, Elton John, Jeff Beck, Status Quo, Peter Frampton Buddy Guy – as well as our very best Australian Artists including Renee Geyer, Richard Clapton, Marc Hunter, Joe Camilleri.

Played the “Last Waltz Revisited” shows at the Sydney Opera House in April 2016, which also featured Tim Rogers, Richard Clapton, Olympia, Paul Dempsey, Vika & Linda Bull with the RockWiz Orkestra – yes that’s how they spell it! + The New Zealand Version by Liberty Stage Productions!

The True Legend to witness!!