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Although Shane’s other band, The Bondi Cigars are still very much a going concern, Shane recently felt the strong urge to revisit the music that turned him on when he first started playing. In a time when the Blues is in great danger of being swallowed by the all-encompassing term “roots music,” the very concept of a Blues band seems to be almost a quaint idea. The SHANE PACEY Trio…are that rare (and becoming rarer!)
thing… A dedicated Blues band, rather than a solo star with supporting

Davo Fester

Paul Blasi

“No one throws down the blues gauntlet more robustly than this trio, which, next to its own, make songs decades old, live all over again….”

“The role of the SPT is for Pacey to indulge his instinct to revisit his roots, by way of the music that first inspired him to pick up a guitar and play, as well as sing, the blues. For him, it means Peter Green and the sounds of Chicago’s legendary Chess label, in particular. Happily, we get to go along for the ride. Of course, it takes more than company to make a trio: it takes a crowd and the pistol-like rhythm section of bassist Paul Blasi and drummer Dave Fester which ensures the tunes land right in the solar plexus……”

This is a no-nonsense trip through the Blues back pages, all played with Shane’s customary attack and passion.

Shane : “Don’t expect a polite band tapping away in the corner…” and he means IT!!!!