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Tom Cat Playground

Delivering a high energy, swinging style of traditional blues reminiscent of an era of Saturday night Juke joints, back alley gambling haunts and jazz bars, Tomcat Playground are ensuring audiences consistently leave gigs sweating, smiling and wanting more.

A four piece act, consisting guitarist PJ O’Brien, Bass player Mike Rix, Drummer Greg Clark and Harmonica player Dan Sullivan, the four have worked with some of Australia’s finest blues acts including The PJ O’Brien band, Alison Penney & the Moneymakers, 19 Twenty and The Jacky Howellers. Drawing influence from the amplified blues of American greats BB King and Little Walter combined with the jumping, swinging riffs of West Coast masters such as T Bone Walker, the act announced itself with a knockout performance at the 2016 Sydney blues festival.

This followed with Tomcat Playground being snapped up by P & O for their 2016 “Blues Cruise” and performing to high acclaim at the 2017 ‘Blues on Broadbeach” festivals, Bendigo, Kiama festivals and a knockout Australian blues festival 2018. Reinvigorating a tradition of music with their own brand of flair, do not miss this act