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Thanks for your interest, volunteers are the BEST! We are in full swing preparing for Girrakool Blues Festival & BBQ 2020. Part of what makes all of our festival magical are our volunteer how help us out. Each volunteer contributes their time and energy during the festival in exchange for a 3-day festival pass.

There are few things to note:
As the festival site is licensed and bound by the Liquor Act all volunteers need to be over 18 years.

Because you are representing Girrakool, you will need to remain sober during your shift.

You will be assigned two 4 hour shifts, that may include a morning, afternoon, and night shift, during or before or after the event, in exchange for a 3-day festival pass. Volunteers are placed on a first-come, first-served basis.

There are a few positions on the week leading up to the festival and the week after, for people who would like the rest of the weekend free!


To show your commitment there will be a $30 fee – you will get a “Blues Crew T-shirt” or a “Festival T-shirt” that you will be able to keep as a memento!

Must be available for an induction on Thursday 5th March 2020 @ 6pm!


How does volunteering work?
You will be required to work 2 x 4 hour shifts in exchange for a 3-day festival pass.

What if I already bought a ticket?
You will be refunded for the festival portion of the ticket. You will need to fill out your order information on the application or send info@girrakoolblues.com.au your order information to secure your refund.

Can I camp at the festival?
Camping is included free – Please indicate if you wish to camp on site. Please direct all volunteer questions to info@girrakoolblues.com.au

Can my children accompany me while I’m volunteering?
We need your full attention during your scheduled volunteer shifts. So no, children may not accompany you during your volunteer shifts. They are welcome at the festival and in the campgrounds.

What if I must work with my friend?
There is a section on the application where you can put the person(s) name.

Please read the volunteer Terms and Conditions thoroughly and fill out the application in its entirety.


Box Office
If assigned to the box office, you will meet and greet patons, exchange tickets for wristbands, assist with selling festival tickets, help direct, and answer questions.

Artist / Vip Management / Stage Management
This position will include greeting Artists and Vips at the Artist/VIP Entry, hand out artist packs, assist with directions, and acquire help for Artists Equipment if necessary.

Looking for responsible drivers to pick up and drop-off equipment, and transportation for Artists or crew.

General Festival Duties
Assist with keeping the grounds clean and to uphold the recycling policy of the festival. May be utilized to move equipment and boxes. This would need to indicate if they are able to assist with light lifting duties.

Bar / RSA
There will be positions available to serve behind the bars, providing all your RSA credentials are in place. Please indicate in the Work Experience box that you have your RSA and/or had cashier experience.

Soul Kitchen
This position will assist with serving and selling food. General food knowledge a bonus.

The Soul Kitchen will be serving expresso coffee. Barista course or exprience is a must.

Crowd / Area Control
These positions will be at different gates and thorough-fares throughout the venue. Crowd control will check patrons to ensure they are adorned with the correct wristbands for that area before they move into another area.

These people will be selling customers Festival Merchandise and/or Artists CD’s. Artist signing will also take place here.

Week Prior / Week After Volunteer Options
There are many positions for Festival Set-up including Decorating,  Electrical, Driving, Office Work. Assist with Pack-down from Monday onwards.

Volunteer Application

Volunteer Application

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Area of Work


Working with a friend

Has someone else applied or you would like to nominate someone to work with you. Please add the name and details of the people below.

Payment Details

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Expiry Month
Expiry Year

Terms & Conditions

GIRRAKOOL BLUES FESTIVAL & BBQAgreement of the Volunteer

You agree:

  1. to give your voluntary services to XABC ENTERTIANMENT PTY LTD (ABN 75 151 022 507 Trading as GIRRAKOOL BLUES FESTIVAL & BBQ, at MT PENANG EVENT PARK (festival site), KARIONG for the purposes of: VOLUNTEERING without pay to the best of your abilities, and to comply with all of the directions of XBC ENTERTAINMENT STAFF including, but not limited to, those responsibilities detailed in your position description;
  2. to be available for 2 hours on Thursday 5th March 2020 at 5pm for an induction meeting;
  3. to arrive 30 minutes prior your start time, attend all training sessions, report punctually for work and work for the amount of time according to the duty roster;
  4. that you know of no reason why you are, or may be, unable to, or prevented from providing the voluntary services that may be allocated to you;
  5. to wear the official “Blues Crew” t-shirt and will:
    • keep such uniforms in a clean and presentable state at all times;
    • only wear such uniform during your shift times and will remove at all other times;
    • and return such uniform at the end of your volunteering shifts.
  6. to keep confidential all information and all materials concerning GIRRAKOOL BLUES FESTIVAL AND IT’S AFFILIATES which you know or should reasonably know is confidential;
  7. to notify the Festival Manager of any ideas or materials you may create relating to your provision of voluntary services and, by signing this document, you transfer to Girrakool Blues Festival & BBQ all rights and interests in such creations (including copyright) ;
  8. and consent to the use by GIRRAKOOL BLUES FESTIVAL AND IT’S AFFILIATES of such creations in a manner reasonably contemplated by the voluntary services provided under this document, and will not bring any claim for infringement of your moral rights in respect of that use;
  9. to safeguard your personal property (for example bags and money) located within the Festival Site and to understand that we are not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged personal property;
  10. that you will not do anything to compromise your safety or the safety of others and you understand that there may be risks associated with providing particular voluntary services;
  11. that you will not do anything, while providing the voluntary services, or wearing the official volunteer’s uniform/badge supplied by XABC ENTERTAINMENT that may bring GIRRAKOOL BLUES FESTIVAL AND IT’S AFFILIATES or other volunteers into disrepute;
  12. that you have no rights to, and must not use in any manner for any purpose, the GIRRAKOOL BLUES FESTIVAL logo, or any trade mark, name, corporate style or logo used by GIRRAKOOL BLUES FESTIVAL AND IT’S AFFILIATES and that these are the absolute property of GIRRAKOOL BLUES FESTIVAL AND IT’S AFFILIATES;
  13. to participate in all identity verification checks, background security checks and other security checks (which may include inspecting your personal property) prior to your entry to and departure from the festival site, and prior to you providing any voluntary services;
  14. not to bring any claims against XABC ENTERTAINMENT AND IT’S AFFILIATES (including directors, officers, employees, contractors, volunteers, sponsors, partners, or agents) for any damage, injury, loss or liability to persons or property caused by your willful, reckless or negligent acts or omissions while providing the voluntary services;
  15. You acknowledge that you have read the FESTIVAL POLICIES & PROCEDURES document
    • that you shall comply with all Festival Policies & Procedures in place;
    • the Festival may at any time review, implement, vary and/or terminate policies at any time at its sole discretion;
    • the Festival Policies & Procedures policies do not form part of your contract of employment; and
    • failure to comply with the Festival Policies & Procedures policies may result in disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.
  16. and agree and understand that the festival site is a licensed area, and you will need to comply with the The Liquor Act of 2007.
  17. that if you are found to be intoxicated, violent, suspected of using or is using illicit drugs you will be asked to leave the premises, and your appointment as a volunteer will be terminated.
  18. if you are found to supplying or buying alcohol for a minor you will be evicted from the festival site, your appointment as a volunteer will be terminated, reported into the Incident Register and may face criminal charges.
  19. if you are found to buying alcohol and you are a minor you will be evicted from the festival site, your appointment as a volunteer will be terminated, reported into the Incident Register and may face criminal charges.
  20. if you are found stealing or defacing any property of XABC ENTERTAINMENT AND IT’S AFFILIATE’S, including, but not limited to, money, equipment, hired equipment, by GIRRAKOOL BLUES FESTIVAL, will be evicted from the festival site, your appointment as a volunteer will be terminated, reported into the Incident Register and may face criminal charges.
  21. to your provision of voluntary services being photographed or recorded for use in our promotional (in which you have no rights including to a copy thereof), and that you have no right to pre-approval of, and no entitlement to payment for any such use;
  22. to our administration of first aid and/or medical treatment if you are injured or ill while giving voluntary services; and
  23. that XABC ENTERTAINMENT may terminate your appointment as a volunteer if you do not comply with these provisions or engage in misconduct which, in the opinion of XABC ENTERTAINMENT adversely affects its interests or those of GIRRAKOOL BLUES FESTIVAL.
  24. that I will only be able to start the volunteer service upon signing of this agreement.


Governing Law

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of New South Wales.